Crab Fishing the New Sensation on Light Tackle


Has anybody heard about crab fishing with normal fishing equipment? It sound crazy, but it is possible. And it’s simple and fun. This exciting way to catch crab by using a rod, reel, line, sinker and hook can be a very exciting pastime for the whole family. Furthermore, crab is a delicacy to bring to dinner.

Traditionally, crabs are caught using crab pots in many parts of the globe. I still remember, during childhood, I and my late elder brother used to catch crabs during low-tide in the middle of the night, using a self-made harpoon-like to spear it. For lighting we made use of a carbide-lamp. This method I understand is still in use by some, but using a powerful torchlight instead.

Crabs as most serious saltwater anglers will testify are bait stealer, when you’re not targeting them. They can be a real nuisance, especially, when you’re doing bottom or surf-fishing. But next time around you’ll be the one laughing, when you know the technique to get them.

Crab fishing can be done on the shoreline or on a boat. Places to look for these fearsome but tasty creatures are piers, jetties, docks, bridges, rocky outcrops, estuaries and creeks.

Crabs are opportunistic feeders, meaning they’ll eat what’s available around them. They’re scavengers to me. Their natural diet is composed mainly of fishes, clams, shells, snails, worms, shrimps and oysters.

They used their 2 large and powerful pincers to gather food. They’re also used for defense and other purposes. These pincers are extremely powerful and can inflict severe injury when mishandling them. Children are advised to stay clear of them. They should be assisted by adults. It’s best to wear thick gloves, and the trick is to approach them from the back when catching them.

Crabbing can be done all year round. And there is no specific time for them. You can fish them day and night.

Tackle for crab fishing can be a spinning outfit, with 6-8 lbs. line on a small reel. Choose a rod with a sensitive tip because the bite of a crab can be as gentle as a tiny fish.

The running sinker rig with a single or double leader is my favorite, when I’m doing places with fewer snags. Another rig is the paternoster rig with double leaders stacking few inches apart of each other. This latter rig is good for places with snags or rocky outcrops.

As for hook, the small prawn-hook of # 6 and below is the most effective. These hooks are very fine, thin and sharp.

Bait for these scavengers is simple as they will take anything that stink. Dead-bait of prawns, fish and squids are good. But my favorite is the oily and bloody mackerel which anglers used for most fish species. Fillet them into small strips and I can assure you any type of crab will not resist.

Crab fishing is done on the bottom, bottom-fishing, and with light tackle it’s best to look for water not deeper than 20 ft. With deeper water you might find it a problem detecting crab-bite. And when you feel there’s a bite you don’t strike it like a fish. All you have to do is lift up the rod, reel it in and that’s it. You got a crab!

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