Design Dudes Make These Seriously Cool Sculptures of Auto Union Race Car


Photo credit: EtrickArt

Image credit rating: EtrickArt

Normally, type follows function, primarily when you’re planning a car or truck. That is since you have to meet sure parameters laid down by the engineers, the ergonomics fellas, and the DOT and EPA. When you are just developing artwork, nevertheless, the type doesn’t have to abide by just about anything besides its have inspiration.

So when style sculptor Michael Etrick and deal designer Raul Cenan took up a side job on their have, away from the confines of the studio, they were free to seek out inspiration anywhere they uncovered it. Cenan did the unique style and design and Etrick ran with it, under business identify Etrick Artwork. The undertaking took inspiration from a condition from Audi’s previous, the 1936 Auto Union Variety C.

“If you are heading to do an iconic motor vehicle connected to Audi, the 1936 Vehicle Union Sort C would be the just one,” Etrick said.

Photo credit: Etrick Art

Photo credit: Etrick Art

The Type C Grand Prix race vehicle was the 3rd product from the newly produced enterprise Vehicle Union, which was formed by combining present carmakers Audi, Horsch, DKW, and Wanderer in 1932. The Vehicle Union Grand Prix race vehicles ended up designed by none other than Ferdinand Porsche. They were groundbreaking, amongst the first race automobiles to properly set the motor behind the driver. And what an engine! The Sort C was run by a six-liter supercharged V16 making 550 horsepower. Bear in mind, this was the 1930s, when 550 hp was not located in just any SUV. The complete auto, engine and all, weighed considerably less than 750 kgs, or 1653 kilos.

That era of Grand Prix was enthralling, consisting of devices in no way ahead of conceived by mere humans. The Kind C competed from the likes of the Alfa Romeo 12C-36, Maserati V8RI, Bugatti 59/50, and the mighty Silver Arrows of Mercedes-Benz. What a time. And what an inspiration for a designer/artist.

Photo credit: Michael Cole - Getty Images

Image credit score: Michael Cole – Getty Visuals

The group at Etrick Artwork begins with a solid block of TC 6061 aluminum and devices absent almost everything that does not coincide with this eyesight. So really don’t assume an precise reproduction of the authentic motor vehicle, just an inspiration taken from it.

“The solid, polished aluminum Vehicle Union Tribute sculptures are idealized, organic types impressed by the Style C race cars and trucks from a bygone era insert magnificence and exhilaration to any décor,” says Etrick push substance. “Yet, being an auto fanatic is not necessary to fully appreciate the Etrick Art items. Moreover, the mirror-finish of the material coupled with flowing forms masterfully mirror light-weight, for this reason the identify of this sequence (the Reflects series). The sculptures are at present accessible in two measurements, the impressively larger sized piece weighs in at more than 300-lbs ..”

The latter design is the one you want.

“A enormous 6-axis milling machine carves absent at a block of TC 6061 aluminum , revealing the mass of metallic,” Etrick states. “Once this rough piece of art is eradicated from the milling machine, the full sculpture undergoes labor-intensive function by hand in refining, sharpening, assembling and finishing the artwork. The total sculpture requires hundreds of male-several hours, bringing this vision into fantastic actuality.”

You can get the 48-inch-prolonged (four ft!) quarter-scale Variety C for a awesome $60,000. If that’s far too dear, consider the 12-inch-prolonged 1/16th-scale desktop C for just $3900. Some of us have birthdays coming up, you know, and what far better way to exhibit your appreciation than an Automobile Union Type C? I’ll be sitting down by the mailbox…


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