EXCLUSIVE: GTA 6 story details, release date & new GTA Online map

The GTA 6 rumor mill never stops. It isn’t going to make a difference if it is hearsay, a leak, or an announcement lovers will usually obtain some thing new about GTA 6 – proper or incorrect – just about every time they go online.

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EXCLUSIVE: GTA 6 story details, release date & new GTA Online map

This time all-around, the hottest information we have about Grand Theft Automobile VI issues the game’s likely storyline and when, as effectively as the place, GTA 6 could be set. We also have some GTA On the internet and GTA IV facts for superior evaluate.

Many thanks to Matheusvictorbr, we uncovered out some exclusive new specifics about GTA 6. According to the longtime Rockstar insider, Grand Theft Automobile 6’s story will observe twin siblings, one particular male, a person feminine, who are divided next the death of their mom and dad at the arms of the cartel in 2003. The video game will reportedly examine this tragic party in its prologue, which could be set in Brazil.

The primary marketing campaign itself will be set some time in the 2020s, probably 2023 or 2024, as the two siblings inevitably meet up with up as grown ups but on reverse sides.

Apparently, the male sibling gets to be an agent for the DOA, a parody of the genuine-planet authorities organization, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). However, his sister will request revenge versus the cartel her have way, working her way up the ranks of the extremely exact cartel that killed their dad and mom to come to be 1 of their hitwomen.

Will GTA 6 appear this excellent?

Matheus couldn’t go into depth about how the two would fulfill or no matter if players can participate in as both figures, but did point out that the brother goes up versus the sister’s cartel and the siblings discover out about each other the “hard way.” The primary characters apart, the leaker describes the up coming GTA video game as the “first” in the video clip recreation marketplace to seriously dive deep into the cartel/military way of lifetime.

As for GTA 6’s setting, Matheus denies the rumors that the recreation will be set in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, as for each the notorious “Venture Americas” leak, which we’ve been informed is mostly pretend.

In its place, he says that the game’s location will be Carcer Metropolis, as nicely as Cuba, Columbia and the Miami-impressed Vice Town from 2002’s GTA: Vice Metropolis. Rockstar is explained to be focusing on maximizing gameplay and features where it helps make feeling to commit dev time, somewhat than creating the activity span a number of decades story-smart, a growth job that is seemingly “much too demanding” in comparison.

Carcer City formerly appeared in a different Rockstar IP – Manhunt. Whilst canonically aspect of the 3D period GTA universe, this connection was only at any time slight easter eggs, with GTA and Manhunt in no way crossing above meaningfully. Regardless of whether the identify reuse in GTA 6, if legitimate, means one thing on that front or is merely one more easter egg, stays to be noticed.

The game’s open-world will reportedly characteristic destructible structures.

The intel we have also refers to “ambitious technology” that the armed forces will have at its disposal in Grand Theft Car 6, as very well as how Rockstar wishes the recreation to replicate the latest instances, a thing the studio “couldn’t do correctly in GTA 5.”

Lastly, when requested about GTA 6’s enhancement progress or release day, Matheus stated a 2024 launch is planned.

Remarkably modified GTA 5 imagery.

So, in summary, this is what our latest GTA 6 leak is saying:

  • The tale is about twin siblings who locate them selves on opposite sides of the regulation.
  • The prologue could be established in Brazil.
  • The military services and the cartel will have modern-day weaponry by no means just before witnessed in a GTA video game.
  • “Some” of the details observed in the preliminary Challenge Americas leak is true, but significantly of it is pretend, these kinds of as the timeline.
  • Rockstar ideas to launch GTA 6 in 2024.

As for Grand Theft Auto On line, Rockstar has not neglected about the standalone title. Matheus claims that Rockstar will lengthen the map and add Liberty City as nicely as a lot more actions these kinds of as a “Cops ‘n Crooks mode” and feature a struggle amongst gamers and main GTA antagonist, Don Percival. The leaker also advised us that as quite a few as 20 new radio stations could arrive in the game, together with one particular called Carcer Soul FM.

On top of that, for those people hoping for a Grand Theft Vehicle IV remaster, which was rumored in November past yr, apparently 1 is planned, sooner or later. It will be contained in a bundle with two other GTA online games.

Even if all this proves to be accurate, we ought to remember that GTA 6 is still in active progress. Immediately after currently being confirmed previously this calendar year, GTA VI may possibly not occur out until eventually 2026, as per other leaks. Clearly, the match will evolve over time. The leaker is aware of this and claims that although factors could modify, the “foundation” story of GTA 6 remaining about the cartel and the two siblings will very likely keep on being.

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