Few Misconceptions About Wearing Seatbelt While Driving a Car

10 Myths About Seat Belts - Maryland Highway Safety Office

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Seat belts are perceived to reduce any serious injuries due to a crash by almost 50%. You can thus reduce the risk of a fatal crash by simply wearing your seat belt.

Why many people are not so serious about wearing a seat belt? We shall discuss a few common myths that are around, as far as wearing seat belts is concerned. While learning driving lessons Melbourne too, in LTRENT, your instructor must have asked you to wear your seatbelts while driving.

Let us discuss these common myths in the following paragraphs. 

  1. Seat belts make it uncomfortable and also restrict movement

If the seatbelts are properly adjusted then wearing them should not cause any discomfort or pressure. During the year 1960’s itself wearing seat belts was made compulsory in most western countries. 

Technological advancements have made seat belts a little more comfortable for car drivers as well as for co-passengers. If you like to customize your fit, then you can easily find clips and extenders from any local dealer or any auto parts store.

For children, there is a shoulder belt that should fit across their shoulder and chest, while the vehicle lap belt must fit across their upper thighs. 

Pregnant women must also wear both the lap belts and also the shoulder strap so that it can ensure a snug fit. You should buckle the lap belts under the belly and also over the hips. 

Avoid placing your lap belt across the belly. The shoulder strap must go between your breasts and then off to the side of your belly. Also, avoid placing your shoulder strap under your arm.

  1. Seat belts will trap you in the car during a crash

Rather than that, seat belts will actually prevent you to get knocked unconscious, which may increase your chances to escape during an accident.

  1. Seatbelts may not be needed for a shorter drive

Even any low-key trips can also be equally dangerous. Data reveals that most of the traffic-related deaths usually happen within a distance of 25 miles from your house when you may be driving at less than 40 mph speed, as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

So, don’t take a chance. Yours as well as your passenger’s life is at stake.

  1. It is just a waste of time

Remember it will take just 3 seconds for strapping on the seat belt. That is even less time than tying a shoelace. If you are wearing a seatbelt 20 times a day then it is just one minute is needed in a day.

  1. As cars have airbags hence no need for any seat belt 

Most airbags are meant for protecting a buckled passenger. So, wearing seat belts will also offer you benefits of airbag deployment. Those who are not wearing seat belt, may either slide underneath the airbag, or collide with the windshield or dashboard, or get ejected from their front seat. 

Air bags are just supplemental protection and not complete protection from any accident.