Maintenance Tips of Harley-Davidson OEM parts

There is nothing I love like the high-performance acceleration and the engine sound that only a Harley can make. I have realized that having a Harley-Davidson maintenance schedule goes a long way in lengthening your bike’s lifespan. A little Love on your priced possession won’t hurt.  From the brake fluid, engine oil, regular servicing, to upgrading the wear-and-tear with Harley-Davidson OEM parts. Review the manual and keep it accessible for double checks.

Let me share some general maintenance tips that are part of my Harley life.

Keep an eye on the wheels

Well, this depends on how often you ride. If you are like me and use your Harley daily on smooth roads and good weather, check the wheels weekly. On the other hand, if you ride on rough roads on long trips, then check them daily or twice a day. The trick is to invest in a quality gauge to always use the correct pressure amounts. I learned the hard way that over-inflated wheels won’t grip the road properly, putting you at risk. The tire threads, too, should be checked keenly, especially during poor weather conditions. Replace the tires if they are worn-out.

Check the air filter

Driving on dusty roads, enjoying raising clouds of dust made me develop a habit of replacing my air filter regularly. It ensures my Harley’s engine is protected from dust particles and dirt. The amount of time you spend in dusty or congested air determines how frequent you should clean your air filter. You can refer to the manual for the specific timeline. Your engine functionality and fuel consumption will alert you of a clogged air filter. Ensure you have purchased your air filter from a Harley-Davidson OEM parts dealer.

Engine oil

Hydrating your bike is one of the best favors your bike asks. The oil type, miles covered, and age of your motorcycle determines how often you add oil. From my experience, more engine oil is used during summer. Remember, it’s cheaper to buy oil than replace an engine. I have found that a Fan Assisted Oil Cooler helps with overheating. You can get this from any Harley-Davidson OEM parts shop.

Check the brake and clutch regularly

The clutch and brake can turn your ride into a living hell. The clutch is responsible for changing gears, so it should be well-adjusted and lubricated at all times. Consequently, you need to be able to brake whenever you want to without delays. Ensure that the brake pads, brake fluids, rotors, lights, discs, and leaks are in perfect condition. Replacement of either should be from Harley-Davidson OEM parts retailers.