Why should you borrow money from a licensed money lender?

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Whatever your financial requirement is, it’s always best to take a loan from a moneylender who has got a proper license. If you are taking money from a licensed moneylender, then you can avail a number of benefits. We all know that people who borrow money from a moneylender who doesn’t have a proper license or money borrowed from different unauthorized means can leave you in major problems along with harassment issues.

If you are taking money from money lenders who are legally approved, then it’s an assurance that you will be free from this kind of trouble. If you fail to repay the money on time with full interest and you have taken the loan from an illegal way, then it might become very difficult to sustain in life. Singapore Legal Money Lender provides money to the borrower in a legit way as they have the proper license for lending money to borrowers.

Here are some advantages of borrowing money from a moneylender who has got a proper license for lending money to the people.

  1. There is no harassment involved if you borrow money from a licensed money lender

If you are taking money from a moneylender who has got a proper license and is working legally, then the process of getting money will totally become stress-free. Starting from submitting the loan application form to reviewing all your documents and getting final feedback to the signing of a loan contract will become an easy process for you. You don’t have to go through any type of harassment because they follow the IPTO’s rules. They will not overwhelm to advertise them through unreasonable means. They will not accept solicitation for loan payment.

You should keep in mind that Singapore Legal Money Lender has to follow strict rules and regulations that … Read the rest



Traveling is a passion that is liked by most people. If you are a person who is fond of traveling and exploring different places then try renting a car for one of your adventures. Although public transport appears much cheaper and affordable than renting a car, the benefits and luxuries of renting a car are way more than that of public transport. Three reasons why one should rent a car on vacation are:


Renting a car on vacation allows you to explore and discover all the wonderful scenes and places. It widens the number of places you can explore. You can explore other tourist spots and the little luxuries that surround them. You can stop whenever and wherever you want to feel the environment and live in the moment. Most importantly you won’t be confined to a particular tourist spot as in public transport and public tours. You can also capture the moments by stopping at any place you feel like.


One of the best reasons for renting a car on a vacation is that it saves an immense amount of your precious time. When vacationing, we have several planned things to do and places to visit in our mind but forcefully we have to shortlist them, due to lack of time, when using public transport. Therefore, when renting a car, you can visit and explore those places at any time you feel like. You can create and follow your routine according to your will. You won’t have to keep a track of departure and arrival timings of public transport. You will have a pretty good time for most of your adventures.


Everyone prefers comfort and privacy during traveling. You won’t be able to enjoy the moment … Read the rest

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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Cars Surely Last for Above 400,000 km

The time you select to buy a new car, first you look enough budget to but that favorite car of yours. But, are you sure that the car you want to buy will shack up with you for more than 200,000 km? If not, you must review your decision about buying that particular car. Money is a fundamental of life and you can’t spend it on the thing which is not going to last long. 

Many people sell any car which passes the 200,000 km milestone and they don’t realize that with the proper maintenance of the car, it is going to last for another 200,000 km with them. So, if you are looking for something reliable and want an enduring partner for yourself, you must have a look on the list of top 5 budget-friendly cars that are definitely going to be with you for more than 400,000 km. Here is a list of top five cars at an affordable price. 

Toyota Camry 

Camry is the most used and seen car on the roads of Dubai. It is one of the most familiar cars in Dubai as if you are on the road, it is impossible that you have not crossed any Camry. It is my personal favorite and I would love to have it with the economy budget. If you find anyone who wants to sell any car in Dubai and favorably its Camry, don’t miss the chance to buy it. It is sold at a low price and the maintenance of this car is very cheap. Also, the capacity and the size of the car are great for a normal family. 

You may get this car like in AED 10,000 at the Toyota Camry 1999 – 2006 models and this depends upon the age and the mileage … Read the rest


When we are marrying someone, it is one of the best days of our life and everyone wants to make it the perfect one of their lives. Marriage requires a lot of planning, if we don’t concentrate on it then we can have many blunders in the event. Everyone wants to include style, elegance, sophistication, and class in their wedding. In order to make it a wonderful and memorable event, there are many aspects to consider like the program, menu, venue, decoration, dress, and transportation. Limo service is the best for a wedding event, it brings the wedding couple in style, on time, with luxury and in comfortable manners. Limousines are perfect not only for the wedding day but also for the wedding party and other events related to the marriage and make that day even more special. Luckily, there are certain things, like limos, that can help you out enormously. So, why order limo service for your wedding? The following reasons should convince you.


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Limo drivers are very professional and punctual they will pick you from your home early enough and drop you at your wedding destination on time. If you are hiring limo services you can bring the groom and bride together at the wedding place because limo has enough space to bring many people in a single-vehicle. If all of the people gathered and travel with each other it will be big fun and a joyful ride.


Limos are extremely stylish and classic, they have a great way for you to make a grand entrance when you arrived at your wedding. It can give a huge impression on your guests and they will be excited to see you arrive at the wedding place. Both groom and bride will look like … Read the rest

5 Fleet Maintenance Planning Tips

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Running a fleet of vehicles can be a daunting task. As more and more cabs or trucks keep getting added to the system, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of its health and undertake preventive maintenance. Since proactive upkeep is considered better than reactive repairs, it is vital to go for robust fleet maintenance software.

Such a tech solution will add immense value to the life of fleet managers. They will have all crucial data at their fingertips and know all details in near real-time. As a result, they can move in immediately in case of any small is

sue or when scheduled maintenance is needed.

Want to know how to leverage fleet maintenance software to the maximum? Then read on and find out more –

1 – Assess the things to be included

A checklist that has all the parameters to be checked is a great option. This way, the fleet manager knows what pointers will be crucial and need continuous monitoring. Parts like engine oil, brake oil, transmission fluid, fuel system, belts, hoses, rubber/plastic parts, and tires, wheels, and exhaust, are some of the vital components that need proactive maintenance. Hence, they need to be a part of the fleet maintenance software. You can also keep body exteriors, glass, wipers, windshield, and lights as other parameters worth checking from time to time.

2 – Ensure total sync between drivers and technicians

For many fleets, individual drivers are the first line of defense. Before they commence daily duty, they need to do a rigorous check-up. This due diligence will help them to report issues before they escalate to costly repair works. Even when they return from a trip or call it a day, they can do a post-trip check-up and ensure that there are no significant … Read the rest