Spearfishing in Miami: A Beginner’s Guide


You probably know Miami as the ultimate nightlife destination, with endless parties and all kinds of activities. However, have you ever heard anyone refer to it as the “Wreckreational Diving Capital”? Thanks to the numerous reefs and sunken wrecks found in the waters surrounding the city, spearfishing in Miami is some of the best you’ll find on the East Coast.

Add to this the different reefs and other underwater structures, and you’ll quickly realize that there’s no shortage of fish holes around these parts. Also, the species you’ll get the chance to encounter are thrillingly diverse. From various reef dwellers to some of the most challenging pelagics a spearo can come across, they’re all in the cards.

If you’d like to find out exactly which species you’ll see while spearfishing in these waters, stick with us. Will present some of the most popular catches around, as well as provide an overview of what it’s like to dive around these parts, and where to go. Let’s get into it!

What does spearfishing in Miami look like?

The whole stretch of Florida’s East Coast, from Daytona Beach down to Biscayne Bay and the Keys, is a spearfishing treasure trove. If you head out of Miami Beach, you’ll get to explore several shallow-water reefs within the sight of the coast. These make for great spearfishing spots when the currents are too strong to go offshore.

Further north from the city, the Haulover area offers a fantastic range of dive sites. You’ll find numerous reefs at depths ranging from 20 to 30 feet, with some even plunging all the way to 60. These provide a home to both fish and crustaceans, with no shortage of either.

If you turn south instead, though, Key Biscayne and the surrounding waters also feature plenty of diving spots. However, spearfishing beyond the Miami-Dade county line and all the way down to Long Key is prohibited, so make sure to keep that in mind. Of course, this only applies to state waters. Venturing out into the ocean and exploring the deeper waters is always an option.

What we’re really trying to say is that Miami offers a bit of something for everybody. For novice spearos, there are plenty of shallow spots close to shore where one can sharpen their skills. On the other hand, intermediate and expert divers can hit deeper waters further offshore and hunt for everything from reef fish to pelagics.

Which species can I catch spearfishing in Miami?

We’ve already mentioned that there’s a whole variety of fish you can poke through while spearfishing in Miami. Of course, what you’ll find depends on the season, the depth you dive in, and how far offshore you go. Have a look at some of the most commonly targeted species in this part of Florida.


If there’s a type of fish the local spearos just love to hunt for, it has to be Snapper. Naturally, there are more than one species of these fish that you’ll come across. Yellowtail, Mutton, Mangrove, Dog Snapper, and a few other kinds are all on the menu in Miami.

Aside from Red Snapper, which are heavily regulated, you can generally hunt for all other Snapper species throughout the year. You’ll see them around the various local reefs and wrecks, since these provide a place for them to hide.

As you can find them even around fairly shallow reefs, Snappers are great fish to target if you’re a novice spearo. This being said, they can be rather challenging to shoot, as they can move quite quickly and unpredictably. You’ll need a stealthy approach and a steady aim.

Have you ever been spearfishing in Miami? What are the species you enjoy hunting the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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