The range game: how viable are EVs at towing?

So much so good, except that, with the automobile and caravan divided, two matters transpired to me. Very first, with out a hitch lock securing it, the caravan was at hazard of becoming stolen and next, I had arrived by a one particular-way highway employed by HGVs and there was no highway for likely again to the car park.

I asked the cashier at the HGV gasoline station what to do. “Drive back the way you arrived,” he claimed. “If you’re watchful, you are going to keep away from a truck.”

I took his information and, cautiously negotiating a blind bend out of the lorry place, drove to the car park. The Enyaq has a CCS charging port, so I was in a position to hook up to a 120kW Gridserve charger. At this position, the battery was looking through 19%, but soon after 30 minutes and an infusion of 22.40kWh costing £13.36, it was up to 50%. This restored the car’s array to 129 miles. That was enough, I determined, primarily with the Discovery out of sight and unsecured.

I returned to the caravan, hitched up and headed on to the campsite, just four miles away, to unwind in the caravan’s effectively-appointed inside.

Later on, again at Bailey, I did the sums. Around the study course of 60 miles towing the caravan, the Enyaq had returned 2.0mpkWh. Multiplying this by the usable battery capability gave a vary when towing of 154 miles, or all over 55% of the 277-mile variety that I could expect to obtain when driving the Enyaq devoid of the caravan.

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