Top 5 Budget-Friendly Cars Surely Last for Above 400,000 km

The time you select to buy a new car, first you look enough budget to but that favorite car of yours. But, are you sure that the car you want to buy will shack up with you for more than 200,000 km? If not, you must review your decision about buying that particular car. Money is a fundamental of life and you can’t spend it on the thing which is not going to last long. 

Many people sell any car which passes the 200,000 km milestone and they don’t realize that with the proper maintenance of the car, it is going to last for another 200,000 km with them. So, if you are looking for something reliable and want an enduring partner for yourself, you must have a look on the list of top 5 budget-friendly cars that are definitely going to be with you for more than 400,000 km. Here is a list of top five cars at an affordable price. 

Toyota Camry 

Camry is the most used and seen car on the roads of Dubai. It is one of the most familiar cars in Dubai as if you are on the road, it is impossible that you have not crossed any Camry. It is my personal favorite and I would love to have it with the economy budget. If you find anyone who wants to sell any car in Dubai and favorably its Camry, don’t miss the chance to buy it. It is sold at a low price and the maintenance of this car is very cheap. Also, the capacity and the size of the car are great for a normal family. 

You may get this car like in AED 10,000 at the Toyota Camry 1999 – 2006 models and this depends upon the age and the mileage of the car. So, if you are interested to buy this beauty at an affordable price, contact your dealers.  

Nissan Sunny

The model of the car seems not to take much atractive by the look but the milage, body and the age of the car are the best to buy. Today, you may see thousands of these cars on road. If you want to sell your car Dubai and in return to that you want to buy are a car that may last longer with great mileage, you can easily go for Nissan. The most economical price you may get for this car is as low as AED 5,000. Check the online selling and buying websites, you will absolutely find a good piece of Nissan Sunny 2007 – 2012 at an affordable price. 

Toyota Corolla

Toyota is a reliable company for sure. This car is quite budget-friendly are as a good number of people buy this car every year whether it is zero meters or a second hand. This is an economic car and great with its mechanics. The maintenance of the car is very smooth and the spare parts of the car are easily reachable. A normal Toyota Corolla 1999 – 2005 can be available at AED 15,000. 

Honda Accord

One of my personal favorites is the Honda Accord. It is basically a Japnese brand and is actually very stable and perpetual. It has a powerful body and the maintenance of this car is very simple and truly affordable. The price of Honda Accord 2002 – 2006 is as low as AED 8,999. All the spare parts are available in the Sharjah Industrial Area. 

Mercedes E-Class

You can not overlook the appeal of this attraction. These cars are made to be the best sellers in the car industry. You can get this car at the lowest price of AED 10,000 in the Mercedes E-Class 1996 – 2002 models of this car. The car is very reliable, with a strong engine, large boot, awesome interior, and driver-friendly car. 

These are our list of top 5 budget-friendly cars, you might buy for yourself if you want more than the milage of 400,000 km and you won’t be disappointed.