Why Are My Brakes Noisy?

You need your brakes to be running at peak condition on the road at all times. When they falter, you put yourself and other drivers at serious risk. Here are some tips to be aware of with your brakes, how the rest of your vehicle can be impacting them, and what to look out for early on.

Common Brake Damages

Squeaky Brakes- With a bit of lubricant application and some simple maintenance, your brakes shouldn’t squeak anymore. These issues are usually minor and a quick fix. A-Z Tech Automotive

Worn Out Rotors and Calipers- This will just come over time. Warping and cracking of the rotor can result from the heat produced by the metal grinding that occurs when worn pads squeeze the rotor. Brake rotors are designed to last longer than brake pads, so they should be able to be maintained for the long term. This also is assuming that you take your vehicle in for maintenance and upkeep regularly. However, if you don’t change your brake pads when they wear out, you’ll have to replace those parts more often.

Brake Response Time- Worn brakes will make it way tougher to slow down and damage your vehicle internally. If you suspect that your brakes are worn, one of the first things you should do is measure how quickly they react to you applying pressure to them. It may feel as though you need to apply more pressure to the brake pedal if your brakes are glazed and worn.

Other Parts Affecting Your Brakes

Additionally, other pieces of the vehicle will commonly damage the brakes when they aren’t running properly. For example, if your transmission is damaged and the vehicle isn’t receiving oil optimally, you’re going to see the rest of the vehicle’s efficiency wear down. This includes the amount of fuel you use, responsiveness with steering, and how quickly the brakes respond to your input.

Also, your tires will absorb the brunt of some of the damage as well. This can lead to flat tires occurring more frequently, tread wearing down, and longer brake times. When your tires are worn from poor brake systems, your entire vehicle is at risk for plenty more issues and damages. Don’t take that risk on your own.

Get your vehicle regularly serviced when possible and be accountable for any damages to your brakes. Don’t let them sit and wear down more and more. Eventually, you’ll have much bigger issues pop up all over different parts of the vehicle.